Introducing Spider 2.0

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Introducing Spider 2.0 Fleet Management

Spider 2.0 has all the features that our customers love, like advanced mixer diagnostics and dispatching, but includes game-changing new features designed specifically to help you grow your concrete business. We’re providing you with the data and technology to market to brand new customers in your area via automated targeted email campaigns. Your customers will then be able to register an account and place and make changes to orders directly in your state-of-the-art ordering portal that they can access from any device, and you’ll receive those orders the moment their placed. We’ve digitized concrete ordering.

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Tying in to the diagnostics and fleet tracking abilities of Spider 1.0, ProAll added a "business in a box" feature-set.

This allows our customers to find and market to suitable prospects by email and allows them to register and place orders online. Prospects can be found by a selection of industry (such as "Pavers" or "Residential Construction") and can be limited by radius from a loading yard or service area.

Dispatch functions are elegantly tied in to the online order process to allow dispatchers to engage with customers to provide best-in-class service.

Marius Swart - ProAll Software Development Partner

ProAll Spider dispatch provides cloud-based dispatching allows you to check in on exactly what each mixer is pouring so you’ll know exactly where all of your equipment is in real-time (and how fast they’re going).


See how your concrete is running in real-time. When you manage multiple job sites, a lot of equipment and a large crew, monitoring your fleet is crucial to your success. The ProAll Spider Fleet Management System with is designed for medium to large scale concrete operations looking to maximize performance, productivity and profits.


A truck goes down. Diagnose issues remotely the minute they occur.


Get a deeper insight into your mixer's health. Knowing the health of your mixer can give you a leg up and allow you to fix problems before they occur, minimizing downtime while extending the life of your mixer.


Create orders, schedule loads and see all mixer data from your entire fleet on one cloud-based dashboard - eliminating the need to call the operator for a status update.

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