What Does a Fleet Management System Do and Why Do I Need It?

Apr 5, 2021, 2:20 PM

What Does a Fleet Management System Do and Why Do I Need It?

Many businesses require a large number of vehicles to function as they need to transport goods from one place to another. Construction and oil and gas companies usually have several trucks and other machines.

Managing so many vehicles and machines can undoubtedly be a hassle in the absence of a fleet management system.


What is Fleet Management?

Fleet management is a well-developed approach to managing and coordinating the crew and their vehicles to enhance work efficiency.

Effective fleet management requires a system that can handle the entire operation successfully and effectively. To service this need, portable concrete mixer manufacturers like ProAll have produced in-house digital fleet management systems.


The Role of Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software helps companies manage, organize and coordinate vehicles and their drivers. The software uses various tools, sensors and other technologies to observe and receive important data. With this technology, you are able to track your vehicles, trucks, drivers, vehicle condition, and more.

The Spider Fleet Management System is an easy-to-integrate subscription-based service that checks all the boxes when it comes to fleet management.


Advantages of Using a Fleet Management System (like the ProAll Spider)

With a fleet management system, you can keep a close eye on various fleet operations and tasks. It comprises advanced software, tools, and technologies to deliver top-notch results.

Fleet management systems make dealing with a large number of vehicles for commercial purposes a simple and efficient task. Advantages of this technology include:


Higher Visibility of Statistics and Real-Time Data

Software like Spider Fleet Management System is designed to give fleet managers greater control and increased engagement with their crew. It also provides highly accurate real-time information that enables the manager to gain every bit of information about the vehicle and the driver. If a driver experiences an issue, the system updates the manager instantly.


Keeps your drivers safe

The system is connected with the crew at all times and provides fleet managers with real-time reports. If there is anything wrong with the vehicle or the driver, the system will immediately prompt the manager, who can send assistance without delay.


Provides Accurate Fleet Tracking

The Spider Fleet Management System can be integrated with advanced GPS sensors for live tracking. Once the crewmates are connected with the database, you can get the current location of each and every crew member. The fleet manager can guide and assist drivers in case of roadblocks or other hurdles on the way.


Reduces Overall Cost And Expenditure

Running a concrete mixer company is a costly endeavour, especially as the number of crew and vehicles increases. Any loose ends can cost extra bucks. Therefore, monitoring the project becomes essential to streamline the overall business process.

Fleet management systems are essential to meet current needs. Only with software like the ProAll Spider Fleet Management System can a fleet and its large crew be handled in the most effective and efficient manner.