Using Volumetric Mixers to Support Infrastructure Projects

Nov 23, 2021, 7:13 PM

Using Volumetric Mixers to Support City Infrastructure Projects


Concrete is the most popular building material for cities and municipalities. It is durable, sustainable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient. However, using traditional ready-mix trucks can be wasteful and logistically challenging. Volumetric concrete mixers make light work of municipal repairs.


The Importance Of Concrete For Our Cities

Since it was first used by the Romans, concrete has become the mainstay of building work around the world. The Contractors Society of America believes that concrete production and pouring currently supports over two million jobs in the United States.

Take a look around your town or city: chances are that concrete structures are making up for approximately 80% of the built environment. These numbers are impressive, but the versatility of concrete is even more impressive.

Since the Romans used the materials to build piers, roads, and harbors, we simply have not found a building material with better functionality. Concrete is immensely strong, but can virtually adapt to any form, and it has outstanding insulation properties, too.


Benefits Of Using Volumetric Mixers

Over the course of an average year, cities and municipalities require concrete for a wide variety of projects. Owning volumetric concrete mixers can help them simplify logistics, enable ad-hoc repairs, and lead to cost savings for municipalities of almost any size.

Volumetric mixers give city governments and authorities the flexibility to address construction projects of any size.


Financial Advantages

Switching from ordering concrete in traditional barrel mixers to owning a volumetric mixer is a big decision. Municipalities need to consider the purchase cost. However, there are multiple savings, including financial advantages as well as a more efficient use of personnel and time.

Owning a volumetric mixer means a municipality only ever pays for the concrete that is needed for a specific project.


Facilitating Impromptu Repairs

Volumetric mixers make it easy and financially feasible to complete small repairs. Potholes may be one of the most annoying problems for drivers, but for those on motorcycles and bicycles, they are dangerous.

Think about unsightly, crumbling walkways and other municipal repairs – they can make all the difference to the appearance of a city. Using volumetric concrete mixers allows your city to deploy a crew to these sites and repair the damage effectively.

Redeploying the mixer to a different site when your requirements change, is as simple as driving a vehicle down the road. If the next project requires a different mix, all the operator needs to do is change the mix design to make the adjustment.


Large Rebuilding Projects In Remote Locations

As useful as volumetric mixers are for small projects, they can handle large infrastructure projects as well.

Depending on the volume of concrete you need to pour, it is simple to set the mixers up for continuous pouring. All that is required is a sufficient supply of raw materials. Those can be fed directly into the supply bins on the back of the mixer truck. As long as there is a sufficient supply, your volumetric mixer continues to pour.

Volumetric concrete mixers are ideal for remote locations. ProAll client Salem Mobile Mix deployed their fleet of mixers to Detroit, Oregon, as part of the rebuilding effort after devastating wildfires, for example.

Pouring high-quality concrete in remote locations has been notoriously difficult. Timing the arrival of trucks from a batch plant often leads to delays in the project. Sitting in traffic in hot weather also diminishes the quality of the concrete, forcing contractors to add water to keep it workable.

In contrast, volumetric concrete mixers are ready to pour when you need them.


Environmentally Friendlier Pours

Using volumetric concrete mixers allows you to pour concrete in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Keeping the mixer truck on-site avoids multiple road trips between batch plants and project sites. In addition, volumetric mixers allow you to recycle demolished concrete. This is especially useful during rebuilding and remodeling projects. Previously used latex paint is another ingredient you can recycle with your mixer. Latex helps create a dense mix and avoids having to remove air from the mix. You save time and cost on-site.


How To Transition To Volumetric Mixers

City and municipality budgets are notoriously tight. Purchasing large machinery like a mobile concrete mixer may seem like a big outlay compared to ordering concrete trucks, but it is an investment that will pay for itself within a short space of time.

Your city government will save on the costs of every single construction and rebuilding project going forward. Experts estimate that the cost of concrete will decrease by 60-65%, depending on the specific project and when using a ProAll Reimer Mixer.

Staff training is another important consideration when you are purchasing a city-owned volumetric mixer. ProAll offers comprehensive training courses for all mixer operators, which allows us to train your team quickly and cost-effectively.

In addition, our Reimer mixers are equipped with the industry-leading Commander control system. Think of it as the brain of the entire machine: operators simply program the desired mix for the job via a simple touchpad, and the mixer starts pouring.

If the mix needs to be changed in between projects, all that is required is reprograming the controls. The Commander is intuitive to use, and it is equipped with a thorough troubleshooting function that helps you avoid trouble in the first place.


The Next Step

Volumetric concrete mixers make construction and infrastructure projects easier for cities and municipalities throughout the United States. They are cost-effective and minimize logistical problems. Volumetric mixers accommodate both small and huge projects with equal efficiency.

They allow your city to recycle demolished concrete and other materials, leading to further savings. ProAll Reimer mixers are designed intuitively and simple to operate. A comprehensive training program ensures your team will be comfortable and competent within a short space of time.

To find out more about how a volumetric mixer can help your community cut construction and infrastructure costs, contact our team today.