5 Reasons To Choose Gunite

Apr 1, 2021, 4:55 PM

5 Big Reasons You Should Be Using Gunite Now


The demand for concrete pool building services has skyrocketed over the past year and the gunite method of construction is considered superior among all the known application methods. Gunite swimming pools are, in fact, extremely durable and easy to construct in a wide range of shapes, but that isn’t the only reason why they’ve seen such a spike in popularity. In this blog post, we’ll look at five reasons why experts prefer gunite for their pool construction projects.


What is Gunite?


To those unfamiliar with the name, Gunite is the dry-spray technique of spreading concrete from a mobile concrete mixer to form a single cast shell. It involves the mechanical combination of aggregate and cement which is inserted into a ‘gun’ in a dry state. The mixture is then pushed into the nozzle with the help of a compressor, mixed with water, and sprayed on to the surface at high speeds.

There are other concrete construction methods like shotcrete and poured concrete used for this purpose as well. Shotcrete, for instance, is the ‘wet spray method’ of construction wherein a blend of high-cement content and small ready mix concrete is formed. This is sprayed at high velocity by a volumetric concrete mixer onto shuttering and reinforcement. In the poured concrete or the “Shutter and Pour” technique, concrete is poured into traditional wooden frameworks, the walls built with concrete blocks in masonry block pools.


5 Reasons Why Experts Favour Gunite Over the Rest


Gunite is widely regarded as a leading technique in the construction of excellent-quality swimming pools. This is due to various advantages including the following:


1. Ability to Shape as Desired

This construction process is perfect for pools with an intricate design because it offers flexibility. Designers can conceptualize and build a pool in any shape you desire, enabling more creativity in the design.

This is a great advantage because creating a pool requires maintaining harmony with the rest of the property and the surrounding area. It helps in creating a fantastic space that reflects the owner’s style.


2. Less Demanding Personnel and Work Space Requirements

Gunite needs only a few people to get the job done. The small construction team includes:

  • A Nozzleman in charge of concrete placement and regulating its hydration
  • A Gunman to control the gun’s air supply and the quantity of mixture
  • A Mixer Operator to make sure the quality and ratio of cement and sand are ideal

This technique proves more effective for complicated access locations as well. That’s because the operators typically use a 50mm diameter hose in the working area. Moreover, the space requirement remains less. That’s because the hose can be extended from a distance of up to 80m away from the volumetric mixer truck.


3. Cost-Effective

If you’re planning to build a larger pool with reinforced concrete, a Gunite sprayed pool will prove more economical. Not only does it take less time than the typical shutter-and-pour technique, but it also decreases the expense of creating the pool shell.

This helps clients focus the budget on the pool’s finish, allowing them to get a bit more creative. They’ll face fewer limitations with how they can use extra elements like stone, tiles, lighting features, and furniture.


4. Absence of Joints and Defects

A gunite pool shell is always smooth and joint-free thanks to its application technique. The spraying method involves building up material in layers through a mobile concrete mixer truck. This leads to a strong pool shell with an absence of joints and therefore, any potential cracks. 

Even though there are other materials used to build pools such as plastic, metal, and fibreglass, Gunite offers an incredibly dense shell tougher than typical concrete. Such a strong foundation is bound to result in an extremely sturdy swimming pool.


5. Fewer Depth Limitations

The depth of a pool is often restricted by the chosen construction technique. One such example is pools built in the form of solid walls using hollow blocks filled with a concrete mix.

Pools constructed in this manner are limited in terms of vertical wall depth as they already need to withstand two major factors: the stresses of withstanding several tons of water and external soil pressure.

Gunite pools, however, can be constructed without worrying about depth due to the great strength achieved using this procedure. It also eliminates limitations on steel and concrete design.

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