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A ProAll lets you do it All - yourself. Take control, save costs and pocket the profits.

Gunite & Pool Building Overview

ProAll Reimer Volumetric Mixers are extremely well suited for specialist jobs that require precision, timing and mobility. In other words - A ProAll is the ideal solution for a range of gunite applications like pools, walls and repair work. What’s more - owning your own volumetric mixer puts you in control of all aspects of your business - removing third parties and shared profits. 

Sprayed concrete requires immediate control of slump at the point of delivery. In response, a ProAll Reimer Mixer can increase or decrease water immediately.  Couple this with the maneuverability,  precision measuring and on-site mixing capabilities of a ProAll Reimer,  and you can feel confident about where and what you are delivering.

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A ProAll Lets you do it All Yourself

Compared to a conventional mixer, a volumetric mixer has several major advantages when it comes to pool builds and other gunite applications.

  • Own it and do it all yourself. Save costs and pocket the profits. 
  • Control the mix that works for the job and for your crew - always delivering the perfect mix of fresh cement to your shotcrete pump.
  • Pour slow or fast depending on the specific requirements of the job and your crew. 
  • Sit on the jobsite all day long with no return mud.

The two main advantages that we have had on this project for having the mixers are; firstly, the quality of the concrete and, secondly, the speed of construction.

Carlos Tapia Structural Engineer, CTC Ingenieros Civiles
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Model is: G95
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The G95 Gunite Mixer from ProAll is quite simply the most advanced Gunite Mixer ever built. On board digital controls and cement speed verification ensure that you get the exact mix you require.

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Elastic Concrete and Earthquake-Resistant Columns

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