Floor Screed & Topping

Delivering maximum control for a smooth finish.

Floor Screed & Topping Overview

Screeds and toppings are in high demand for residential, commercial and industrial projects - or anywhere demanding a clean and precise finish.  Used to increase the structural depth and strength of the base slab before applying the final floor finish, screed and toppers also work well to cover electrical components like underfloor heating.

Whether the job calls for one cubic meter of cement or 1000, a volumetric mixer is both the highest-quality and most cost-effective delivery method there is for screed or topping.

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To top it off…

ProAll Mixers are particularly well suited for contractors looking for more responsive, and more precise mixers giving operators the ability to:

  • Adjust the design mix and exact quantities required on the job site
  • Eliminate waste greatly reducing costs - only mix and make exactly what's needed 

Stop and start at any point in the job without compromising the load due to time constraints

With the volumetric mixer, you can service multiple customers with a single truck without ever having to return to home base.

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Model is: P75
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This mover and shaker comes fully equipped and ready to pour with the same high-volume production capacity as the rest of our line, streamlined and delivered at an exceptional price point.

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Elastic Concrete and Earthquake-Resistant Columns

A ProAll Reimer Mixer was the perfect solution to this two-sided problem.

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