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Consistent, high-quality concrete - done right, on-site.

Commercial & Industrial Overview

Commercial and industrial projects demand a higher level of durability, strength, mix design and reinforcement.  ProAll Reimer Volumetric Mixers enable our customers to consistently meet these demands with increased control to deliver  higher quality concrete formulations while decreasing waste, manpower and down-time as compared with traditional drum mixers. 

ProAll customers are innovators by nature and we are consistently impressed by the new ways they put their ProAll Reimer Mixers to work.  Typical commercial and industrial applications include flooring, warehouses, parking lots and retail developments. However, with the increased dexterity of a ProAll, we are seeing complex architectural structures, earthquake proof builds, and fibre-reinforced concrete projects - all pushing the boundaries of what's possible in concrete.

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On-Site, On-Demand, Dexterity

Consider your ProAll Reimer Mixer as your personal batch plant and mixer, providing on-site, on-demand concrete to meet the exacting specifications for the task at hand.

Increased Control 
  • High quality concrete to any engineered specification
  • Accurate, easy to operate controls allow for different mix settings
  • Achieve a consistent mix through a pour
  • Pour at different speeds to change as the job progresses
Maximize Manpower 
  • A ProAll Reimer is two machines in one -  the mixer operator becomes the batchman as well
Reduce Wastage 
  • Eliminate hot or stale loads - Materials are mixed when you need them
  • Eliminate under or over ordering - Metered delivery means that each project is accurately billed 
Increased Flexibility
  • One ProAll can do the work of several truck mixers and a batch plant
  • A ProAll, a loader and a cement silo puts you in business
  • For maximum mobility, several material loading locations can be strategically located to minimize travel times
Reduce Downtime
  • Get fresh concrete at any time you want it, anywhere you want it
  • Work day and night without reliance on a concrete batch plant
  • Save time and gas by eliminating trips to the batch plant
Increase profitability
  • See above

ProAll has a reputation for excellent mixer products and as a great company to do business with. I couldn’t believe how much the mixers had advanced compared to our old Daffins

Bob Castle, Thousand Islands Concrete
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Model is: P85
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The P85 is ProAll’s mid-range model dynamo, perfectly configured for high-volume production capacity and ready for a range of specialist applications. The ProAll P85 promises a more capable, more precise and more responsive mixing experience anywhere, every time.

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Case Study Feature

Elastic Concrete and Earthquake-Resistant Columns

A ProAll Reimer Mixer was the perfect solution to this two-sided problem.

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