Trailer Mounted Mixers

This extended trailer unit is the ultimate in independent flexibility – pull this portable volumetric plant to the site and start producing.

All models are available on trailers, contact our sales team to learn more.

  P95 Trailer Mount
Production Capacity (m3/yd3) 9 / 12
Production Rate (m3/hr) (yd3/hr) 50 / 65
Aggregate Bin (m3/yd3) 5.55 / 7.25
Sand Bin (m3/yd3) 5.55 / 7.25
Cement Bin (m3/yd3) 3.2 / 4.2
Water Tank (l/US gal) 2275 / 600
Auxiliary Engine Diesel 100 HP
Hydraulic Pumps Load sensing axial piston pump
Aggregate Proprietary Belted Chain Delivery System (mm/in) 610 / 24
Cement - variable metering auger (mm/in) 150 / 6
Water Delivery System Hydraulic pump – manual valve
Dual Product Admix. System (l/US gal) 3 tanks 45 / 12
Mix Auger Length (mm/in) 2550 / 102
Mix Auger Diameter (mm/in) 250 / 10
Vibrators No./ Type 2 - sand 1 – cement /Pneumatic
Monitoring Display Reimer MasterMix
Operator Controls Omnex wireless with redundant controls on main panel


Mixers can be utilized in a wide variety of configurations:

  • Trucks
  • Demountables
  • Trailers
  • Statics


  • Variable Production Rates: up to 60 cubic meters/hour
  • MasterMix Electronic Display: digital counter for calibration and delivery measurement
  • Full Function Controls: wireless remote, rear-mounted switch panel
  • Hydraulic Control System: advanced, proprietary
  • Hydraulic Pump: load sensing, PFC, variable displacement, piston-type tandem
  • Proprietary Belted Chain Conveyor System: low cost maintenance
  • Dual Cross-Auger Cement Metering
  • Variable Cement Metering
  • Chemical Admixture System: dual-product, dual-flow
  • Power Swing: hydraulic rotary actuator
  • Pneumatic Vibrators (optional: Electric or Hydraulic)
  • Multiple Powering Options: rear engine PTO, transmission PTO or separate auxiliary engine
  • Water Tank: rotationally molded polyethylene
  • Fenders: light weight, durable, non-corrosive – poly or stainless steel


  • Fiber Dispensing System
  • Supplementary Cementing Materials Dispensing System
  • Color Metering System
  • Ticket Printers
  • MasterMix DataStore Module
  • Electronic Roll-Up Tarp Covers
  • Auto-Lube System: ensures proper lubrication, helps reduce service costs
  • Larger, 320mm Mix Auger
  • T-Handled Wired Remote Control
  • Internally-Mounted Vibration System: for reduced noise
  • Pressure Washer System

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"We needed to produce concrete in the middle of the desert for a wind farm development. We had highly-specified mix designs and a need for more than 120,000 cubic meters of concrete. The P95 trailer allowed us to control site logistics and meet production rate demands. We were lucky that we found ProAll – their products and support enabled our success."